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Авто інвертор 12\220 СM-HZ 3000w

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Авто інвертор 12\220 3000w

-Name: Pure sine wave power inverter
-Input voltage: DC 12V for car >
-Output voltage : AC 220V (210~230V) ; 110V
-Output frequency: 50Hz ; 60Hz
-Peaks Power : 3000W
-Rated power:600W (Please make sure that the total rated power of the connected devices is ≤ 500W
-Product size: 33x10.3x6cm ; 28.6x10.3x6cm ; 24.5x10.3x6cm ; 21x10.3x6cm
-Maximum AC Current per socket :8.33Ampere >
-Output Waveform: True/pure sine wave (<3% THD)
Efficiency: 90≥%
-No Load Current Draw (DC side) <0.6 A
-8 Safety Protection Function: 

Reverse polarity protection, Low input voltage protection, High input voltage protection, Over-current protection, Short circuit protection, Over temperature protection, Overload protection, Internal fuses

* 3000W : [Pure Sine Wave] Converts 12V DC to AC 220V household wall power with continuous 500Watts output ( 3000Watts surge capability) with 1 AC receptacles, one LED Voltage display, high current DC terminals and two LED work lights. (Please make sure that the total rated power of the connected devices is ≤ 600W).

* [Strong and Durable] Aluminum alloy housing provides advanced protection from drops and bumps.

* [LED Green&Red Work Lights] When inverter work normal, the two green LED Lights work, but when it is on protection status, the Red Led Lights will light up.

* [LED Voltage Screen display] LED Display shows the battery Input real-time voltage and remind you to charge your battery according to the low voltage.

* [Widely Applications ] Great for gift,charging TV, washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerant, Microwave and big power appliance. These can only operate a few 220V loads without interference. It can also use with in the car or solar system.

* [Car Becomes RV] With our car power inverter, you can use most of home appliances in your car in the open air, such a watching TV, playing games, give you the experience like being in an RV.

* [Silent Intelligent Cooling Fan] Equipped with silent cooling fan, it will automatically runs at different speed according to power load (watt) load and temperature for dissipating heat and reducing working noise. There is a temperature sensor built in the inverter. When it is over 45℃, the fans will work automatically. When the temperature is over 75 ℃-80 ℃, the inverter will be in protection mode till it cool down.

NOTE:(Pure Sine Wave Inverter suitable for sensitive load appliances, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, coffee machines, bread machines, induction cookers, etc.)

Battery Usage Time Calculation:
1)The working time of inverter, it is depend on the battery power and load power.
2)Formula: Working time (hours)= Battery Capacity X Battery Voltage X 0.8X0.9/Load Power
3) For example, the battery of 12V 60A is supplied to a 220V 100W bulb.
The working time is = 12(V) X 60(AH) X 0.8 X 0.9/100(W)=5.18(hours)
(Note: 0.8 is battery discharge coefficient, 0.9 is inverter conversion efficiency)

Для тих хто не розуміє трохи пояснюємо:
- Номінальна потужність таких інверторів від 200 до 1200w, точніше можно сказати тільки вскривши його.
- Не вірити всьому що написано на коробці.
- Не вмикати без навантаження.
- Спочатку вимикати інвертор або зняти клему з акума, а потім витягати вилку з навантаженням.
- Не користуватись USB напряму з інвертора, в деяких моделях бувають помилки в роботі при спробі скористатись юсб.
- Не перенавантажувати, як би вам не хотілось заживити весь дім, будьте реалістами.

Реальна номінальна потужність цього 500-600w.

У нас ви можете придбати інвертор для ваших цілей по кращій ціні.

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