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  • Производитель: COIL ART
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The MAGE RDA is a 24mm RDA constructed of 304 stainless steel and paired with a black derlin drip tip to make it 40mm in overall height. The wide 510 sloped delrin drip tip also functions as the entire top cap to prevent your lips from making contact with a hot metal surface after some chain vaping. It allows users to vape at high wattages as this tank is designed to provide an extraordinary vape experience with the benefits of its unique airflow system. The MAGE RDA is a high performance platform designed to bring you flavor and provide great vapor production!

1. 24mm diameter
2. 40mm overall height
3. 24K Gold-plated deck
4. Adjustable airflow
5. Gold-plated 510 contact
6. PEEK insulator
7. Black derlin drip tip

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